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The MENA Student Association strives to provide a non-sectarian environment where students have the chance to interact with each other and the outer community. We aim to represent Middle Eastern culture by promoting an inclusive vision of the region which includes gender, race and sexuality.

In order to achieve this goal as well as to establish and maintain a university-wide community, we organise various social and cultural events throughout the year where everyone is welcome. We will be functioning both as a student association and a partner network of the LU Diversity & Inclusion Office to achieve a larger community within Leiden University and The Hague for students from the Middle East and those interested in it.

MENA is made possible with the generous support of the LUF - Leiden University Fund and the LU Diversity and Inclusion Office

Diversity & Inclusion

Community Building

Meet the Board 2022/2023

Salma Hadidy (Chair), Sami Katkhouda (Vice-Chair), Dalila Menebhi (Secretary), Hadil Miaaz (Head of Communications), Kenza Ahmari (Head of Events)

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